Caffeine Fix : Coffee Maker Buying

At first, I didn’t believe that there were reviews for the best espresso machine for home under 200. I never thought before that there are coffee makers with such low prices, unless we buy them on Black Friday sale. Or, they might be manual coffee makers that don’t cost as much as automatic coffee machines.

I tried to browse around to ease my curiosity. Voila!! There are hundreds of manual espresso machines under 200. It was surprising that I found filter-coffee machine in less than 100. Even more surprising when I figured out that most of its features are simpler than most automatic coffee machines. The only ‘hassle’ that users should deal with is the paper filters that they have to change regularly to maintain the premium coffee taste. But, it doesn’t matter too much, I guess, because there are more excellent features which support its overall function, like simple buttons to adjust the coffee’s taste and strength.

As I made some comparisons between several coffee machines, I found out that the lower cost ones are made of plastic. But, it doesn’t mean that they are low in quality. Speaking about a plastic coffee machine with the high versatility in functions, I was deeply in love with an automatic coffee machine from Nespresso. Its futuristic design adds the charm of my kitchen, while its overall functions are definitely perfect, thanks to its ability in providing more than thirty variants of drinks. The best thing about this product is its easy-to-clean feature and the huge availability of its pods that we can find anywhere.

Still, Black Friday is the best time to choose your dream espresso machine, which may cost less than 100! Even if you have less than $50, you can even get high quality manual espresso machines that your favorite cafes usually use.

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