Final Training Update

I got the correct Mac Mini and then installed updates and Adobe Master Collection.  I had to wrestle with a few private vendors and even Adobe because of “too many activations”.  Took a couple of days to sort out and then I got slammed with shoots that had to get started right away.  All properties needed to be shot by days end of this coming Saturday March 16th.  This coming saturday is the big check in day for spring break and the next three weeks starting March 17th will be slow for me (shooting).


I’ve been shooting nearly every day the past several weeks in this busy season (which is rental off season).  Multiple units per day from sunrise to sundown.  Then recharge batteries and prep gear while transferring files and data wrangling with backing up all shoots to two externals in addition to the MacMini.  This was easier on a MacPro, but it is what it is.  I say all this just to point out that there really is no time after a 16 hour day to then sit down and edit the training videos.

I’ll have nothing to shoot from March 17th to April 6th where it gets busy here with tourists in sunny florida (spring break).  I finally have the computer needed to finish the edits.  I just needed the available time which is coming next week.

I’ll announce via email to those who have paid when live.  Then soon after I’ll announce here on the blog as well as twitter that they are available for purchase.  I know several folks have posted on various blog posts here that I have not had time to approve.  It’ll have to wait until next week.  Ditto for emails that folks have sent asking how to sign up and buy the training videos.  I’ll get back to everyone ASAP.  Right now I’m in the final stretch of a shooting spree.

Thanks for your patience folks!

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